The new Dean Gardens will:

• be a thriving neighbourhood with green tree lined avenues, communal courtyards, private gardens, play areas and private spaces for residents to enjoy

• open up the northern boundary to re-establish pedestrian links through the park to West Ealing’s transport connections and shopping facilities to the north as well as providing the residents of Tawny Close and Sherwood Close with the opportunity to more conveniently get to the bus stops at the north end of Northfield Avenue

• house distinctive, light filled buildings, predominantly comprising mansion blocks along Northfield Avenue and a newly defined Sherwood Close, a courtyard creating a strong sense of place and offering safety and security for residents

• have access to upper level gardens within the mansion blocks offering the opportunity for smaller social groups to evolve within the wider community

• provide a range of mixed tenure homes built to high space standards

• be environmentally sustainable with energy efficient homes that have a reduced impact on the environment

• have an efficient, locally based and resident-driven housing management service, with service charges that maximise value for money

• be a socially sustainable community, with residents taking an active role in all aspects of their neighbourhood

• have community facilities at the heart of the scheme, and a community development programme supported by substantial revenue funding

• benefit residents through employment and training programmes

• be a model that residents come to visit from other estates to see how successful regeneration can be accomplished


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