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11 Sep 2018

Apology letter

We would like to apologise for the delay to the end of the first phase of the regeneration project. This has largely been due to some unforeseen challenges related to the supply of steel for the balconies on the blocks of flats.

We are also very sorry that the date for the completion of the first phase has had to be pushed back from what has been communicated to you in the past.

If you have any further questions please contact Iveta/Ricky or Natalie on 07970639441.

Yours Sincerely

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Richard Vining

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Bob Beaumont
Director of Regeneration

26 May 2017

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13 Jun 2014

Listening to you

Thank you to everyone who attended the final masterplan event on 7 June for those of you who couldn’t make it please see below links to the materials we used on the day:

140603_Public_Consultation_Process_doc_Final optimized (2)


20140606 AS Sherwood consultation v2


Over the Christmas holiday period the Council and Affinity Sutton reviewed the programme for redeveloping the estate and concluded that more time could be allowed for Phase 1 households to move off the estate before demolition starts.

The new date for Phase 1 to leave the estate is now end of June 2014

This new date will allow more time for Phase 1 households to find a new home suitable for their needs.

Tenants in Phase 1 (Archer House, 1-10, 12-21, 70-72 Sherwood Close) are continuing to move out of their existing homes to homes away from the estate and to date 20 of the 53 tenants have moved away.

Please continue to bid on LOCATA to find alternative accommodation. If you have any questions contact Mumta Ganatra on 020 8825 5935 or ganatram@ealing.gov.uk.