The new date for Phase 1 households to leave the estate is now March 2014

The Council and Affinity Sutton have reviewed the programme for redeveloping the estate and have concluded that more time should be allowed for Phase 1 households to move off the estate before demolition starts.

The Council’s regeneration programme covers a large number of homes across the borough and the necessity to decant all these estates at the same time means more households are chasing the same empty properties to move into.  This new date will allow more time for Phase 1 households to find a new home suitable for their needs.

Within this new time period Affinity Sutton will submit their planning application and the Council and Affinity Sutton will agree and sign the contract/development agreement for the regeneration.

20 Jul 2013

Revised Program

The timetable for the regeneration of the Sherwood Close Estate has been revised to provide additional time to re-house residents in phase one of the development. This revised timetable means that certain key dates within the programme including planning submission and start-on-site need to be moved to a later date. The planning application submission date has been revised to Spring 2014 and we expect to have a decision by the Autumn to allow a start on site to take place later in 2014.

Phase 1 – Archer House, 1-10, 12-21 and 70-72 Sherwood Close – We are now looking to achieve vacant possession of Phase 1 in March 2014. We have allowed a period of approximately 6-7 months between vacant possession and start on site to allow us to carry out pre-demolition site investigation work. We anticipate phase 1 construction to start late 2014 and expect the construction period to end Spring 2016.

Phase 2Crossbow House, 22-37, 39-42 & 43-68 Sherwood Close – The decanting of phase 2 will end late January 2016 before construction starts on site early March 2016. The new homes are expected to be available in Autumn 2017.

Phase 3Target House – The decanting of phase 3 will end late July 2017 before construction starts on site early September 2017. The new homes are expected to be available in Spring of 2019.

A summary of the key dates are:

Phase 1   Vacant possession date

March 2014

  Construction start-on-site

November 2014

  Phase 1 complete

February 2016


Phase 2   Vacant possession date

January 2016

  Construction start-on-site

March 2016

  Phase 2 complete

Autumn 2017


Phase 3   Vacant possession

July 2017

  Construction start-on-site

September 2017

  Phase 3 complete

Spring 2019

Please remember that LOCATA bidding is now open every Thursday at 12 noon and closes Monday at 4pm.

Every effort will be made to assist you in finding alternative accommodation suitable for your housing needs. If you would like, the Regeneration Team will place bids on your behalf. Please contact Mumta Ganatra on 020 8825 5935.

It is strongly recommended that tenants make realistic bids as often as possible. No one can tell when properties suitable for your needs will become available and you may find that a suitable property available one week may not be available again within the time period allowed for decanting Phase 1. So please consider your choices carefully. If a suitable home becomes available, we advise you to bid and if possible accept it.

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